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King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery

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The first Musical Drive by the Royal Artillery was performed at the 1896 Tournament at the Agricultural Hall, Islington. King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery was formed in 1947 on the instruction of King George VI, the troop performed at each Royal Tournament until 1999.  The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery also appeared at the British Military Tournament each year from 2010 to the last performance in 2013.

The display known as the Tournament Drive featured six teams of six horses and three riders pulling First World War-era Quick-Firing (QF) 13-pounder guns.  Each ride opened in dramatic style with a troop officer and trumpeter galloping into the arena under spotlights before the six-gun teams ride into the arena accompanied by the house band.

Many of the manoeuvres of the Musical Drive date back to the early displays at Islington including the Scissors and the Wagon Wheel.  Each display concluded with the Half Battery Charge and March Past before the firing of four of the guns.

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