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Royal Tournament Brigade

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The Royal Tournament Brigade was set up as an association for younger supporters of the Tournament who wanted to become more involved in the background and aims of the show. As members, they were kept up to date with news, future plans and behinds the scenes information. Members also had the opportunity to enter exclusive competitions and had priority ticket booking for the Tournament.

The Brigade was formed in the early 1980’s – the earliest reference to the Brigade has been found in the 1982 Royal Tournament programme. On joining the Brigade, the member (or their parent) selected the Armed Service that they were most interested in (Royal Navy, Army, RAF). Members were encouraged to bring their membership card to the Brigade Stand at Earls Court each time they attended Tournament to receive a promotion in their chosen service.

Twelve promotions were available in each service taking members from Officer Cadet to Admiral of the Fleet, Field Marshal or Marshal of the RAF. Additional promotions were possible for members that enrolled three friends as new members.

Each year, two copies of the Brigade magazine were sent to the members. The magazines included information about the forthcoming Tournament, articles about the performers as well as competitions and special offers.

Over the years, thousands of children joined the Brigade, many returning to each Tournament to gain their promotion. If you were a member, please email us and let us know.

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