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Royal Tournament Hippocamp

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In 1987, The Royal Tournament launched a new logo. The Hippocamp was selected to represent The Royal Tournament as it is “powerful on Land, across oceans and throughout the skies". In representing the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force the Hippocamp is a unique hybrid of a winged horse with the tail of a fish.

From it’s inception in 1987 the Hippocamp logo became synonymous with the Royal Tournament and its traditions. Over the years, the Hippocamp was reproduced in many forms including souvenirs and merchandise. China Hippocamps were given to key personnel who were instrumental in each year’s Royal Tournament.

An almost life-size Hippocamp was used as a marker for the Tug-o-war competitions at the Royal Tournament. This Hippocamp was placed in the centre of the arena opposite the Royal Box and was used by the referee as a marker to decide the winner of each pull. In 1999, the Hippocamp appeared with a tear in her eye in acknowledgment of the last Royal Tournament.

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