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Royal Tournament Years - 1991

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Dates: 10-27 July 1991

Venue: Earls Court

Lead Service: Army

Theme: The Horse

Resident Band: The Band of the Royal Signals


Programme of Events

  1. Alarum

  2. The Tournament - A Royal Joust

  3. Flags at sea

  4. The Mounted Band of the Blues and Royals, and the Household Cavalry Musical Ride

  5. The Massed Bands of the Cavalry and the Royal Tank Regiment

  6. Special Days and Mounted Competitions

  7. Musical Drive by the Kings Troop, Royal Horse Artillery


  8. The Royal Navy Field Gun Competition

  9. The Battle of Balaclava

  10. The American Civil War - The Battle of Shiloh

  11. Historical Armoured Cars

  12. RAF Police Dog Action

  13. Satellite Communications

  14. Armoured Reconnaissance - Gulf

  15. The Pipes and Drums

  16. The Finale - Salute to the Horse

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